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    Techcode's science experience center to come up in Langfang

    An employee of a startup displays an augmented reality or AR product at an incubator in Hebei's Gu'an county. [Photo/Xinhua]

    Techcode SME Services Co Ltd, an incubator of science startups, has said it will establish its first Global Scientific Achievements Experience Center in Langfang in northern Hebei province.

    The center will help promote commercialization of research findings in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Techcode said last month.

    Founded in 2015, Techcode operates 30 incubators in seven countries. So far, it has incubated more than 600 startups that have received more than $500 million in financing, according to the company.

    Langfang, which is at the geographic center of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, was to build an innovation-driven city to link Beijing and Tianjin in terms of industries, assets and policies, according to a local government report earlier this year.

    Techcode's proposed experience center in Langfang would likely be part of that city, and would provide spaces for the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements worldwide.

    It would also promote trading in research findings and enable entrepreneurs from different countries to exchange ideas.

    More than 10 Silicon Valley companies engaged in artificial intelligence displayed their products at the unveiling of the Techcode center plan in Langfang.

    They are expected to invest in innovative businesses in China, including The One, which can calculate return on investment for enterprises, and CoContest, which can combine 3-D and visual reality technologies for interior design.

    Huang Haiyan, CEO of Techcode, said through global expansion, the company will bring the best resources together and realize its potential in China.

    Toward that end, the company has established incubators of innovative startups in Beijing and three counties of Hebei provinceļ¼¨Xianghe, Gu'an and Dachang.

    In 2016, it cooperated with a real estate company, China Fortune Land Development Co Ltd, to set up an artificial intelligence industrial cluster in Xianghe.

    The University of California-Berkeley, the Robotics Institute of Beihang University, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Northeastern University and the Shenyang University of Technology signed an agreement with Techcode's incubator for industry-university-research cooperation in AI.

    Subsequently, 16 AI projects have been incubated. And 16 patents were obtained, laying the foundation for an AI industrial chain.

    Huang said Techcode puts equal emphasis on several stages of startups' evolution, from financing to mergers and acquisitions, as well as industrialization of segments like AI, new materials, new energy and big health.

    At its first anniversary last year, the company announced it would build a global innovative incubation system covering 40 maker spaces across 15 countries in three years.

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